Travel: Fiji

After entire busy working hours at the office, spending quality time on the beach and unwind is a much more needed activity to do. To uplift your inner traveling spirit, then it’s time to pack your bags and head yourself to Fiji. The island of Fiji is a charming beach paradise with jaw-dropping coral reefs, heart-pumping adventures and locals all waiting for their hospitable warm welcome. Taking your feet on the shores of Fiji might make you feel never wanting to go back home — but then you should. There are so many adventures to do in Fiji to keep your next vacation full-packed on your stay most especially interesting water activities or plainly exploring the shores.

Beach tranquility

Exciting to fly to Fiji? Advance dreaming your self-soaked in the clear waters of this wonderful island with attractive pristine white beaches. Don’t to apply your sunscreen to protect your screen if you wanted to spend hours at the beach and have a quiet time just plainly relaxing.

Snorkel on the coral reefs

Go for snorkeling to cool off if things get a little too scorching. Take an easing dip along coral reefs of Fiji and take a peek into the underwater world.  Fiji is recognized around the globe for their temperate, unclouded waters and lavish marine life. This experience will provide an unforgettable snorkeling adventure that is unlike no other.

Try diving at Fiji

There are many diving spots at Fiji and you’ll surely enjoy if you are a diver. The Great White Wall is the abode to the popular Rainbow Reef. It is best to explore the corals in all their multi-colored grandeur. If you are a marine creature lover, uncover their habitats and try to swim alongside manta rays and sea turtles in one of the world’s longest barrier reefs the Great Astrolabe Reef.

You can go along with experienced Fijian divers as they provide food to the local sharks at Beqa Lagoon. Be careful and follow the guidelines well if you don’t want to be the next menu of these sharks.

Go Kayaking

The waters around Fiji are also perfect for rowing and other water adventures and not only for good old swimming. Go kayaking to explore the coastal adventure along the beaches.

Go surfing

For surfers, Fiji will is one of those great spots. The months of May to October when the colossal breaks arrive is the best time to go surfing in Fiji. A celebrated surf spot, Cloudbreak is one of the top ten most challenging waves around the world, it’s one of the reason for a pro surfer to visit.


What’s In Mdina, Malta?



Since the Bronze Age, Mdina has been inhabited and fortified and was the Roman center of Malta, Mdina is first citadel capital. Mdina is still populated, it exists as a living museum. Guests from South Florida Outdoor Kitchens enjoyed the tour.


Noble families of Malta possess ancestral homes here and its small, labyrinthine streets are charming to tour. Ideal to begin the tour at the main gate and follow Villegaignon Street up past the cathedral to Bastion Square before meandering way back. To take a glimpse of panoramic views over the island, take a stop at Bastion Square.


Mdina Cathedral and Museum

There are two cathedrals in the diocese of Malta. Until 1816, when the Pope made St John’s in Valletta another ( St John’s Co-cathedral) Mdina cathedral was the only one. The church of the Knights of St John — the Knights of Malta — was St John’s; The island’s own cathedral is  Mdina’s St Paul’s. After St John’s, it has the most impressive church interior and compared in Valletta where they are often protected by covers, you can witness more of the colorfully decorated marble floor tombs here.


St John’s Co-Cathedral

St John’s Co-Cathedral is a remarkable place of worship is up there with the most important Baroque buildings in Europe, the Knights of Malta’s main church. Designed by the military architects who constructed Valletta as the Knights’ citadel capital in the 1570s, the exterior is plain, even critical in style. The interior is opposite as it is dazzling, covered in gold, marble or paint every inch in detail. A sea of tombs in colored marble for the flooring. Check the oratory, home to Caravaggio’s largest painting, the superb Beheading of St John.


Valletta fortifications walk

Built by the Knights of St John, Valletta was constructed on a barren, rocky peninsula surrounded by water. Intentional to be impregnable, it was state-of-the-art military architecture. Up till this day, the fortifications are still impressive. Fort St Elmo, the only building here that foreshadow Valletta and a principal in the Great Siege, lies at the nib of the peninsula, the far end from City Gate.


Boat Tour at Grand Harbour

Located at the center of much of Malta’s history is the famous Grand Harbour. The Knights of St John just managed to hold off the invading Ottoman Turks, as well as the center of significant events of World War Two is the site of the Great Siege of 1565. Until the 1970s, the harbor was the residence of the British Royal Navy in the Med. Even in extreme weather, it is well worth getting out on the water, spotting the view from the Upper Barracca Gardens.



Bora Bora Vacation

Matira Beach

Making it intensely popular with visitors, Matira Beach is one of the few beach open for public in Bora Bora. Matira Beach is a has it all from resorts, restaurants, and shops. You can actually spend quality time on this beach for so many things it offers.

The fabulous blue water awes the visitors. A trip on the shoreline is ideal for those who opt for rest and recreation mode as it is rarely ever crowded. Another must moment in the beach is waiting for the sunset as most visitors attest to how picturesque it is.

Mount Otemanu

One of two asleep volcanoes situated at the heart of the island is Mount Otemanu. These volcanic remains create a noteworthy pseudo-event emerging 2,400 feet above the lagoon. Skipping visit at the top of this magnificent mountain is a no, no as many say a trip to Bora Bora would not be complete.

Another tip: Check the weather before planning your tour as many previous visitors suggested a trip to Mount Otemanu is best when the sun is shining and the clouds are scarce.

Coral Gardens

You’ll witness a gorgeous coral reef on an islet, located east of the center island and right across from the Sofitel Marara. Bring with you some snorkeling goggles because the reef isn’t far below the water and use it to snoop the stash of colorful fish. Keep in mind though, it gets a little rocky because beaches are filled with coral and not sand so to save your feet, many previous travelers suggest bringing with you water shoes or aqua socks.

The amount of fish and sea life that was visible, as well as the beautiful coloring of the marine life,  is what recent visitors rave about.


We are all sure you didn’t come here to replicate the city life that you have in your city homes with your Hoboken Floors and glass windows. Bora Bora’s main town is also worth the visit if you’d like to explore what’s the other side of the beach islands life. Many great shops and restaurants the island offers. Vaitape also swagger among other establishments. My fiance and I went there on our honeymoon and let me tell you. It was the most amazing experience that we ever had. Our resort was outstanding, we got massages all day everyday. On top of the beaches being almost deserted and pure white, the water was warm and beatufil. Thank god I had an amazing partner running Epoxy Garage Flooring Company In Port St Lucie.

Check out Sibani Perle to purchase some souvenirs like beautiful black pearl jewelry if you prefer money worth high-class souvenir. If you are budget savvy, there are more affordable smaller stores that merchandises not much expensive souvenirs that can be found spread along the street.



Santorini, Greece

Experience the best sunset in the world

Taking a glimpse of sunset at is a must experience while in Santorini. Once the sun makes its final drop underneath the ocean, there aren’t many crowds that flare up in a round of applause. This is one experience you are going to remember for the rest of your life. Arranging a good spot will make all the difference to make watching the sunset over Oia the best experience possible. A little picnic is fun to do and best to reach the spot an hour before sunset, and make your way up to the viewing platform and arrange a good position. Take as much photo as you want and don’t forget to take time to enjoy the moment while staying in Santorini.

Visit Amoudi Bay

Jump into crystal clear Mediterranean waters bordered by the noticeable cliff faces of Santorini. It’s a must have to check out and experience this amazing swimming destination at Amoudi Bay. You can take a dip straight off the rocks. Climb up the stairs of the enormous rock in the water and do your best plunge.

Trek the Fira Trail

Three hours is the time it would take if you do the trek at a leisurely pace. The trek goes from Fira to Oia. Doing the hike at sunset is highly recommended, as it won’t be hot that will burn you at this time of day plus you’ll get the most beautiful photos.

Drive around the island with ATV

Another better way to explore this beautiful island is by cruising down the roads. Its surprisingly cheap and only needs a standard license when hiring a quad bike (or ATV) for the day. It’s a great way to discover areas that aren’t reached by riding a bus. You could also explore the island by doing electric bike tour is another alternative if you don’t have a driver license.

Explore the Hot Springs

Exploring the hot spring is an alternative thing to be engaged in during your stay in Santorini but there’s no need to wear your best swimsuit in the hot springs as it may get ruined. Go to the Old Fira port which will take you to the hot springs and to the volcanic island of Nea Kameni. There are available daily boat tour in traditional wooden yachts, where you get to hike around the rim of an active volcano.


Old Town and Surroundings: Warsaw, Poland

Cathedral Church of the Polish Army of Mary Queen of Poland

King Władysław IV of the Order of Piarists requested to build the cathedral in 1642. The structure was rebuilt in the Baroque style after the structure was burned to ashes by the Swedes. The church was renamed the Orthodox Church, and its Baroque décor was dismissed from the interior right after the November Uprising. The church was transferred to the ownership of the army after Poland reclaimed liberty. The church became a garrison church since 1920, and it has been the headquarters of the Military Department of the Polish Army from 1991.

Warsaw Uprising Monument Plac Krasińskich

The thousands of heroes of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising was commemorated through the monument, having defended the occupiers for 63 days under painfully uncertain odds who gave their lives for their homeland. The monument has two-part. Presented the fighters as they crawl out from under a bridge support is the first part, while the fighters entering the canal system was shown in the second part. Located on Plac Krasińskich, there is an entry into the canal system used to escape from the Germans.

Krasiński Palace (Pałac Krasińskich)

This palace is considered one of the most beautiful palaces in Warsaw and Poland. It is also called the Palace of the Republic of Poland and constructed in the Baroque style, now one of the seats of the National Library but was formerly the seat of the supreme court.

In the palace, miraculously survived the horrors of war are many manuscripts, that includes those by Załuskich and Rapperswil Ska, as well other one-of-a-kind books.

Dluga Street

One of the oldest streets of Warsaw is Ulica Długa. The street was a route leading to Sochaczew and Łowicz during Middle Ages. The street’s unique width as for the street in the area of the New Town because during the Middle Ages period, the street served as the marketplace.

Raczyński Palace

Raczyński Palace was rebuilt in the neoclassical style when improvements were being made but originally built in the early 18th century. Kazimierz Raczyński is one of the owners of the palace and participated in the Targowica Confederation, whose purpose was to oust the May 3rd Constitution. In 1944, rebels took hold of the palace and arranged a hospital inside during the Warsaw Uprising. On September 1, 1944, the Germans burst into the hospital and shot about 430 of the injured, for which a commemorative plaque hangs on the palace’s outer wall after the heroic capitulation of the Old Town. The Palace is the home of the Main Archive of Old Files and was rebuilt in 1948-1950.


Discovering Cyprus

Cyprus, an island country situated in the Eastern Mediterranean. This country is the third largest and third most populated island in the Mediterranean.

Take Tour of Mt. Olympus

Cyprus’s highest point is Mount Olympus with towering peak reaching up to 6,404 feet in the Troodos Mountains that appears to be the backbone of this eastern Mediterranean island. Olympus now has a British Army radar station on its summit, as this mountain is the highest of the range.

Olympus – known as Chionistra in Greek – is snow-capped in winter, when it becomes the Cypriot number-one skiing destination. From green for beginners to the aptly named Zeus black run on the mountain’s north face, there are four ski slopes of differing levels.

During the summer season, the mountain’s forested slopes become the realm of walkers who trail around along the Troodos range. With scented pine forests to the summit of Olympus for sweeping panoramas over Cyprus and across to the sea, beginning at Troodos village, hikers can start a day’s walk along the way-marked pathway leading through steep. Every so often, wild mouflon sheep can be seen in the lowland scrub and meadows as other walking paths curve around the base of the mountains.

There’s also a road that snakes up to the peak of Mount Olympus to catch those Mediterranean vistas for tourists who don’t like the hike uphill.

Cyprus Wine Museum Tours

Cyprus makes a popular choice for wine lovers and there’s no better place to start a wine tour than the Cyprus Wine Museum famous for its sweet Commandaria dessert wine and home to an impressive 45 wineries. This is actually the world’s oldest named wine with sustained production.  The museum is dedicated to the island’s long history of wine-making, sheltered in a 150-year-old converted inn. Through the island’s family-run wineries and wine tourist routes, this is a tradition dating back more than 5,000 years and remains alive.

Rock of Aphrodite (Petra tou Romiou) Tours

One of the island’s most famous landmarks and a popular side trip from nearby Paphos — Rock of Aphrodite or Petra Tou Romiou, is an emerging stack of rocks standing proud off the southwest coast of Cyprus. Aphrodite’s Rock is more than just a geological wonder as it acts as a guard to the coastline since ancient times. This place is named from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty.  

At present time,  the remarkable birthplace of Aphrodite is one of Cyprus’ most anticipated natural attractions to be visited by tourists and part of the Aphrodite Cultural Route, with tourists adhering to the walking trail from the connecting Kouklia beach or catching a boat trip along the coast.


Mesmerizing Maldives

Only 200 are inhabited out of its 1,190 islands, exploration of Maldives is unending.   Most tourist would simply relax on the palatial resort island of their choice despite the many options to do on the island. Check out popular things and sites to visit while in the Maldives.

Visit Male’

Male’ is one of the world’s smallest capital cities but it packs in the people and some sights.

Make a stop at the National Museum, which holds the former Sultan’s Palace. It will your attention to the numerous mosques as you wind along the city’s thoroughfares. Be cautious and polite: foreigners, particularly non-Muslim ones, are not welcome in some mosques although you may want to check inside. To add up the fascinating sights in Male’, you’ll come across some pungent smells in the local fish market.

Male’ Fish Market

If you wish to take part of Maldivians’ daily activities, there’s no best place to experience but the Male’ Fish Market. Located along the inner harbor on the north side of the island,  just west of Republic Square, you’ll get set at the Male’ Fish Market.

Fishing is the most important industry in this country. As fishermen from the entire country sail right up to the edge of the market and unload the daily catch, the foot traffic peaks in the afternoon. The most popular fish here is tuna, but you can have different types of fish as well. You could even buy some fish and fresh fruit for dinner if you are residing place offers to cook a special meal for your choice of catch.

Maldives Victory

After hitting a reef and obviously a failed voyage, the Maldives Victory sunk in 1981. But it became glorious these days to reach this vessel is a rewarding accomplishment. For its exceptionally challenging currents and the rich sea life that includes fresh coral and colorful school of fish made the wreck a sight to behold which scuba fanatics attracted by the dive site.

Resting below the waves on the Hulhule House Reef which extends between Male’ and Hulhule, is how you’ll find the Maldives Victory.

Scuba diving experts guarantee this site is gorgeous year-round. And be sure to take one of those experts with you since the currents here can be dangerous. Depending on the necessary level of instruction, scuba diving trips can vary from reasonable budget to very expensive of rental equipment, and transportation to and from the dive site.

Walking In Quebec

The cultural capital of French Canada is Montreal and the city has a culinary spot that’s quite a bit unique from other Canadian cities like Toronto. There have also been a number of immigration waves to the city that has changed Montreal’s food landscape more than just the connection of cultural impact from French and English Canadians.

A walking tour from Fitz & Follwell Co is one must-try way visitors to Montreal can wander through the different flavors of the city. First, they accommodate a small group of visitors on a five-hour walking tour of Saint-Laurent Boulevard, Montreal’s main drag for their “Flavours of the Main” Montreal food travel and stops at certain restaurants and cafes along the way where special sampling of the food have been organized.

A fascinating street and is a sort of microcosm of Montreal history and culture is the city of Saint-Laurent. It expands across the island of Montreal in the Old Port of Montreal from its base at the Saint Lawrence River and ahead passes through several immigrant communities Chinatown and Little Italy alike.

The trip continues onward to the Plateau section of Saint-Laurent after munching on some Chinese sweets and teas. On this part of the tour, you shouldn’t be surprised that Schwartz’s Deli and its world-famous smoked-meat sandwiches are in the spotlight. This deli has been standing strong for almost 100 years now and the lines typically stretch down the block and were founded by a Jewish immigrant from Romania.

And what is the precise reason why these smoked-meat sandwiches that have people so captivated? Well,  before smoking it in their smokehouse, the deli prepares and cures its own meat for ten days. With almost unimaginable slices of smoked meat and served on rye bread with mustard, the sandwiches themselves are stockpiled.

The tour drops by a well-known diner and pop-in the city’s two most famous bagel shops – Fairmount and St-Viateur after stepping to the Mile End neighborhood. For the last 60 years, the question of which one makes the more delicious bagel has bitterly disunited Montreal and is candidly a matter of personal preference, as these shops are rather phenomenal.

Jean-Talon, Montreal’s farmer’s market, is open year-round but is most dynamic every summer when local farmers present their organic superfoods to trade in the city. There are also prepared food shops, bakers baked goodies and Quebec food stalls that sell things like cheese, maple syrup, and ice wine excluding its many produce stalls.

To summarize, the tour is a great way to experience a small taste of what makes Montreal’s food spot is so great. While repeat visitors to Montreal will have a hold of restaurant ideas for their next trip, those short-term visitors to the city will definitely come off with a great allocate of details on the city’s rich history and different cultures.