Bora Bora Vacation
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Bora Bora Vacation

Matira Beach

Making it intensely popular with visitors, Matira Beach is one of the few beach open for public in Bora Bora. Matira Beach is a has it all from resorts, restaurants, and shops. You can actually spend quality time on this beach for so many things it offers.

The fabulous blue water awes the visitors. A trip on the shoreline is ideal for those who opt for rest and recreation mode as it is rarely ever crowded. Another must moment in the beach is waiting for the sunset as most visitors attest to how picturesque it is.

Mount Otemanu

One of two asleep volcanoes situated at the heart of the island is Mount Otemanu. These volcanic remains create a noteworthy pseudo-event emerging 2,400 feet above the lagoon. Skipping visit at the top of this magnificent mountain is a no, no as many say a trip to Bora Bora would not be complete.

Bora Bora Vacation

Another tip: Check the weather before planning your tour as many previous visitors suggested a trip to Mount Otemanu is best when the sun is shining and the clouds are scarce.

Coral Gardens

You’ll witness a gorgeous coral reef on an islet, located east of the center island and right across from the Sofitel Marara. Bring with you some snorkeling goggles because the reef isn’t far below the water and use it to snoop the stash of colorful fish. Keep in mind though, it gets a little rocky because beaches are filled with coral and not sand so to save your feet, many previous travelers suggest bringing with you water shoes or aqua socks.

The amount of fish and sea life that was visible, as well as the beautiful coloring of the marine life,  is what recent visitors rave about.


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