• What’s In Mdina, Malta?
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    What’s In Mdina, Malta?

    Since the Bronze Age, Mdina has been inhabited and fortified and was the Roman center of Malta, Mdina is first citadel capital. Mdina is still populated, it exists as a living museum. Guests from South Florida Outdoor Kitchens enjoyed the tour. Noble families of Malta possess ancestral homes here and its small, labyrinthine streets are charming to tour. Ideal to begin the tour at the main gate and follow Villegaignon Street up past the cathedral to Bastion Square before meandering way back. To take a glimpse of panoramic views over the island, take a stop at Bastion Square. Mdina Cathedral and Museum There are two cathedrals in the diocese of…

  • Travel: Fiji
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    Travel: Fiji

    After entire busy working hours at the office, spending quality time on the beach and unwind is a much more needed activity to do. To uplift your inner traveling spirit, then it’s time to pack your bags and head yourself to Fiji. The island of Fiji is a charming beach paradise with jaw-dropping coral reefs, heart-pumping adventures and locals all waiting for their hospitable warm welcome. Taking your feet on the shores of Fiji might make you feel never wanting to go back home — but then you should. There are so many adventures to do in Fiji to keep your next vacation full-packed on your stay most especially interesting…

  • Bora Bora Vacation
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    Bora Bora Vacation

    Matira Beach Making it intensely popular with visitors, Matira Beach is one of the few beach open for public in Bora Bora. Matira Beach is a has it all from resorts, restaurants, and shops. You can actually spend quality time on this beach for so many things it offers. The fabulous blue water awes the visitors. A trip on the shoreline is ideal for those who opt for rest and recreation mode as it is rarely ever crowded. Another must moment in the beach is waiting for the sunset as most visitors attest to how picturesque it is. Mount Otemanu One of two asleep volcanoes situated at the heart of…

  • Santorini, Greece
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    Santorini, Greece

    Experience the best sunset in the world Taking a glimpse of sunset at is a must experience while in Santorini. Once the sun makes its final drop underneath the ocean, there aren’t many crowds that flare up in a round of applause. This is one experience you are going to remember for the rest of your life. Arranging a good spot will make all the difference to make watching the sunset over Oia the best experience possible. A little picnic is fun to do and best to reach the spot an hour before sunset, and make your way up to the viewing platform and arrange a good position. Take as…

  • Old Town and Surroundings: Warsaw, Poland
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    Old Town and Surroundings: Warsaw, Poland

    Cathedral Church of the Polish Army of Mary Queen of Poland King Władysław IV of the Order of Piarists requested to build the cathedral in 1642. The structure was rebuilt in the Baroque style after the structure was burned to ashes by the Swedes. The church was renamed the Orthodox Church, and its Baroque décor was dismissed from the interior right after the November Uprising. The church was transferred to the ownership of the army after Poland reclaimed liberty. The church became a garrison church since 1920, and it has been the headquarters of the Military Department of the Polish Army from 1991. Warsaw Uprising Monument Plac Krasińskich The thousands…

  • Discovering Cyprus
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    Discovering Cyprus

    Cyprus, an island country situated in the Eastern Mediterranean. This country is the third largest and third most populated island in the Mediterranean. Take Tour of Mt. Olympus Cyprus’s highest point is Mount Olympus with towering peak reaching up to 6,404 feet in the Troodos Mountains that appears to be the backbone of this eastern Mediterranean island. Olympus now has a British Army radar station on its summit, as this mountain is the highest of the range. Olympus – known as Chionistra in Greek – is snow-capped in winter, when it becomes the Cypriot number-one skiing destination. From green for beginners to the aptly named Zeus black run on the…