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  • Bora Bora Vacation
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    Bora Bora Vacation

    Matira Beach Making it intensely popular with visitors, Matira Beach is one of the few beach open for public in Bora Bora. Matira Beach is a has it all from resorts, restaurants, and shops. You can actually spend quality time on this beach for so many things it offers. The fabulous blue water awes the visitors. A trip on the shoreline is ideal for those who opt for rest and recreation mode as it is rarely ever crowded. Another must moment in the beach is waiting for the sunset as most visitors attest to how picturesque it is. Mount Otemanu One of two asleep volcanoes situated at the heart of…

  • Santorini, Greece
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    Santorini, Greece

    Experience the best sunset in the world Taking a glimpse of sunset at is a must experience while in Santorini. Once the sun makes its final drop underneath the ocean, there aren’t many crowds that flare up in a round of applause. This is one experience you are going to remember for the rest of your life. Arranging a good spot will make all the difference to make watching the sunset over Oia the best experience possible. A little picnic is fun to do and best to reach the spot an hour before sunset, and make your way up to the viewing platform and arrange a good position. Take as…

  • Mesmerizing Maldives
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    Mesmerizing Maldives

    Only 200 are inhabited out of its 1,190 islands, exploration of Maldives is unending. Most tourist would simply relax on the palatial resort island of their choice despite the many options to do on the island. Check out popular things and sites to visit while in the Maldives. Visit Male’ Male’ is one of the world’s smallest capital cities but it packs in the people and some sights. Make a stop at the National Museum, which holds the former Sultan’s Palace. It will your attention to the numerous mosques as you wind along the city’s thoroughfares. Be cautious and polite: foreigners, particularly non-Muslim ones, are not welcome in some mosques…

  • Walking In Quebec
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    Walking In Quebec

    The cultural capital of French Canada is Montreal and the city has a culinary spot that’s quite a bit unique from other Canadian cities like Toronto. There have also been a number of immigration waves to the city that has changed Montreal’s food landscape more than just the connection of cultural impact from French and English Canadians. A walking tour from Fitz & Follwell Co is one must-try way visitors to Montreal can wander through the different flavors of the city. First, they accommodate a small group of visitors on a five-hour walking tour of Saint-Laurent Boulevard, Montreal’s main drag for their “Flavours of the Main” Montreal food travel and…