Discovering Cyprus
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Discovering Cyprus

Cyprus, an island country situated in the Eastern Mediterranean. This country is the third largest and third most populated island in the Mediterranean.

Take Tour of Mt. Olympus

Cyprus’s highest point is Mount Olympus with towering peak reaching up to 6,404 feet in the Troodos Mountains that appears to be the backbone of this eastern Mediterranean island. Olympus now has a British Army radar station on its summit, as this mountain is the highest of the range.

Olympus – known as Chionistra in Greek – is snow-capped in winter, when it becomes the Cypriot number-one skiing destination. From green for beginners to the aptly named Zeus black run on the mountain’s north face, there are four ski slopes of differing levels.

During the summer season, the mountain’s forested slopes become the realm of walkers who trail around along the Troodos range. With scented pine forests to the summit of Olympus for sweeping panoramas over Cyprus and across to the sea, beginning at Troodos village, hikers can start a day’s walk along the way-marked pathway leading through steep. Every so often, wild mouflon sheep can be seen in the lowland scrub and meadows as other walking paths curve around the base of the mountains.

There’s also a road that snakes up to the peak of Mount Olympus to catch those Mediterranean vistas for tourists who don’t like the hike uphill.

Cyprus Wine Museum Tours

Cyprus makes a popular choice for wine lovers and there’s no better place to start a wine tour than the Cyprus Wine Museum( famous for its sweet Commandaria dessert wine and home to an impressive 45 wineries. This is actually the world’s oldest named wine with sustained production.  The museum is dedicated to the island’s long history of wine-making, sheltered in a 150-year-old converted inn. Through the island’s family-run wineries and wine tourist routes, this is a tradition dating back more than 5,000 years and remains alive.

Rock of Aphrodite (Petra tou Romiou) Tours

One of the island’s most famous landmarks and a popular side trip from nearby Paphos — Rock of Aphrodite or Petra Tou Romiou, is an emerging stack of rocks standing proud off the southwest coast of Cyprus. Aphrodite’s Rock is more than just a geological wonder as it acts as a guard to the coastline since ancient times. This place is named from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty.  

At present time,  the remarkable birthplace of Aphrodite is one of Cyprus’ most anticipated natural attractions to be visited by tourists and part of the Aphrodite Cultural Route, with tourists adhering to the walking trail from the connecting Kouklia beach or catching a boat trip along the coast.