Mesmerizing Maldives
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Mesmerizing Maldives

Only 200 are inhabited out of its 1,190 islands, exploration of Maldives is unending. Most tourist would simply relax on the palatial resort island of their choice despite the many options to do on the island. Check out popular things and sites to visit while in the Maldives.

Visit Male’

Male’ is one of the world’s smallest capital cities but it packs in the people and some sights.

Make a stop at the National Museum, which holds the former Sultan’s Palace. It will your attention to the numerous mosques as you wind along the city’s thoroughfares. Be cautious and polite: foreigners, particularly non-Muslim ones, are not welcome in some mosques although you may want to check inside. To add up the fascinating sights in Male’, you’ll come across some pungent smells in the local fish market.

Male’ Fish Market

If you wish to take part of Maldivians’ daily activities, there’s no best place to experience but the Male’ Fish Market. Located along the inner harbor on the north side of the island,  just west of Republic Square, you’ll get set at the Male’ Fish Market.

Mesmerizing Maldives

Fishing is the most important industry in this country. As fishermen from the entire country sail right up to the edge of the market and unload the daily catch, the foot traffic peaks in the afternoon. The most popular fish here is tuna, but you can have different types of fish as well. You could even buy some fish and fresh fruit for dinner if you are residing place offers to cook a special meal for your choice of catch.

Maldives Victory

After hitting a reef and obviously a failed voyage, the Maldives Victory sunk in 1981. But it became glorious these days to reach this vessel is a rewarding accomplishment. For its exceptionally challenging currents and the rich sea life that includes fresh coral and colorful school of fish made the wreck a sight to behold which scuba fanatics attracted by the dive site.

Resting below the waves on the Hulhule House Reef which extends between Male’ and Hulhule, is how you’ll find the Maldives Victory.

Scuba diving experts guarantee this site is gorgeous year-round. And be sure to take one of those experts with you since the currents here can be dangerous. Depending on the necessary level of instruction, scuba diving trips can vary from reasonable budget to very expensive of rental equipment, and transportation to and from the dive site.