Travel: Fiji
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Travel: Fiji

After entire busy working hours at the office, spending quality time on the beach and unwind is a much more needed activity to do. To uplift your inner traveling spirit, then it’s time to pack your bags and head yourself to Fiji. The island of Fiji is a charming beach paradise with jaw-dropping coral reefs, heart-pumping adventures and locals all waiting for their hospitable warm welcome. Taking your feet on the shores of Fiji might make you feel never wanting to go back home — but then you should. There are so many adventures to do in Fiji to keep your next vacation full-packed on your stay most especially interesting water activities or plainly exploring the shores.

Beach tranquility

Exciting to fly to Fiji? Advance dreaming your self-soaked in the clear waters of this wonderful island with attractive pristine white beaches. Don’t to apply your sunscreen to protect your screen if you wanted to spend hours at the beach and have a quiet time just plainly relaxing.

Snorkel on the coral reefs

Go for snorkeling to cool off if things get a little too scorching. Take an easing dip along coral reefs of Fiji and take a peek into the underwater world.  Fiji is recognized around the globe for their temperate, unclouded waters and lavish marine life. This experience will provide an unforgettable snorkeling adventure that is unlike no other.

Travel: Fiji

Try diving at Fiji

There are many diving spots at Fiji and you’ll surely enjoy if you are a diver. The Great White Wall is the abode to the popular Rainbow Reef. It is best to explore the corals in all their multi-colored grandeur. If you are a marine creature lover, uncover their habitats and try to swim alongside manta rays and sea turtles in one of the world’s longest barrier reefs the Great Astrolabe Reef.

You can go along with experienced Fijian divers as they provide food to the local sharks at Beqa Lagoon. Be careful and follow the guidelines well if you don’t want to be the next menu of these sharks. Learn more about shark diving in Fiji’s Beqa Lagoon.

Go Kayaking

The waters around Fiji are also perfect for rowing and other water adventures and not only for good old swimming. Go kayaking to explore the coastal adventure along the beaches.

Go Surfing

For surfers, Fiji will is one of those great spots. The months of May to October when the colossal breaks arrive is the best time to go surfing in Fiji. A celebrated surf spot, Cloudbreak is one of the top ten most challenging waves around the world, it’s one of the reason for a pro surfer to visit.